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High Quality San Diego Security Guards

San Diego’s economy mainly depends on tourism, defense and military, research and manufacturing, and international trade. It was also labeled as the best city to launch a small business, or a startup company in, by Forbes columnist. San Diego’s deep-water port is one of the major influences on its economy. This includes the only main submarine and shipbuilding yards on the West Coast. Many major national defense contractors have been established and are headquartered in San Diego, and that includes Cubic, General Atomic, and NASSCO. Tourism is also the state’s major industry. This is all thanks to the city’s beaches, climate, and also tourist attractions such as Balboa amusement park, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, SeaWorld San Diego, and San Diego Zoo. There are a lot of historic sites all over the city Kuje Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, and the Mission San Diego de Alcala.

With all these companies, especially the startups establishing themselves in the city, it is important to make sure that their employees are protected. The influx of companies also means that the crime rates are high because businesses can never go without a threat of their boundaries being breached. It is important that they hire security guards, to make sure that their employees, assets, and property remains safe. However, to make sure you are getting highly efficient protection make sure to hire security from a security company San Diego. The reason for this is that security companies San Diego get their security guards trained and educated by professionals, some hailing from military backgrounds. This means that their security guards San Diego will be highly vigilant on duty.

Why We Are The Best?

What makes United Security Services the best choice for security guards services San Diego is the fact that we are for our customers. For years we have been looking into ways we can make our security services better for our clients so that we can fulfill all of their security needs. We have dedicated 2 decades to researching the best methods of training our security guards so that we can hit all points of our clients’ security needs. These detailed training sessions have allowed our employees to handle any threatening situation easily, without letting it escalate out of reach. We have also attached our security guards with some of the most updated, and efficient security equipment so that they spare no time in subduing a culprit. The reason why we have been able to successfully build a relation with our customers is that we treat their company like ours. We strategize with them and point out the types of guards that we can station at different nooks and corners of the premises.

The city has reported one of the highest crime rates in America, with a ratio of 64 per 1,000 residents. It has reported around 50,012 property crimes and 6,092 violent crimes. Whereas the rest of California reports an average of 4.41 crimes per 1000 residents, San Francisco reports around 6.91. When it comes to property crimes California reports a 23.31 crime per 1000 residents, whereas San Francisco claims a shocking 56.73.

It is evident, with these statistics that the city of San Francisco is in dire need of tighter security. In fact, we believe that not only more companies should hire security guards within their premises, but they should hire from a company that knows what they are doing.

The companies within San Jose, each host about 1,000 employees or more. Since the concentration of computer, high-technology engineering, and microprocessor companies is so high in the city, it has become known has Silicon Valley. It also contains some of the best universities in USA such University of California, San Francisco University, Stanford University, Santa Clara University and so many more. Around thirty five percent of all venture capital funds in the US are invested within Silicon Valley and San Jose companies. Google has been in the process of establishing the biggest tech campus within Silicon Valley in San Jose, since 2018.

One thing is for certain, that San Jose houses some of the biggest conglomerates in the country. These establishments are responsible for several employees, and are in possession of uncountable amounts of sensitive information.

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Armed Security Guards

Armed with the latest technology and firearms, we provide you with professional officers for all your security needs. Armed security guards San Diego are some of the most well-known and most utilized services in the business. With our professional armed guards available at your business, you can rest easy without a single worry.


Unarmed Security Guards

United Security Services unarmed security guards San Diego are highly efficient in their own way. Just because they are not armed with high-quality security tools does not mean they are not useful. They can be highly beneficial, especially in terms of retail stores. You do want to intimidate potential culprits who wreak havoc in your business, but you do not want the same for your customers. Unarmed guards, usually observe and report any suspicious, or threatening, activities to the local authority. However, they are also an excellent tool for customer service. This means that they can help guide the customer to a certain store, or they can escort them to their car in the parking lot.


Patrol Services

Patrol security guards are highly beneficial to businesses that are spread far and wide. There are several conglomerates or universities which often have different departments situated in spate buildings. This is why it is in good sense to hire Patrol Services San Diego so that they reach the point of emergency immediately, and even help escort employees to safety in times of a more disastrous situation


Firewatch Security

This is often the most undermined security, but important in its own way. Fires are inevitable, and every business is vulnerable to them. Whether the business is dealing in highly flammable materials, or there is a possibility of faulty wiring, anything set fire to the building. Fire spreads quickly, and so you have to react quickly. This is why a firewatch security guard is such a great investment. If your fire alarm is corrupted, or the water-based fire system is not working, then you need to hire a firewatch security San Diego. This is because, they will be constantly inspecting the entire building for a possible fire hazard, and get it fixed almost immediately.


Event Security

These are some of the best spots for lawbreakers to do their job. With a stream of people packed in a specific unit, it is extremely easy for someone, or a couple of people to act unlawfully. In order to avoid this, the company will need to hire event security San Diego and place them at different points of the premises.

Why should you hire United Security Services San Diego Security Guards?

There are a large number of reasons why you should consider hiring security guards services in San Diego, main due to the high crime rates but that’s not all. Let us delve into it and look at some of the benefits which may cause you to hire security guards.

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Crisis Management

One of the basic tasks of a security guard is to make sure that the business is able to avert any security issue, without really facing any damages for it. This is why we make sure to train our security guards extensively when it comes to their instincts, their fitness, and their prowess with firearms. United Security Services also makes sure that the guards in security training are also taught how to make the right security-based decisions. This is especially true of armed guards, who are intimidating enough to make a felon turn back on their plans since they know what the consequences of sparring with a well-trained guard holding a firearm will be.


Crime Deterrent

More than eliminating the crime, we make our guards work on not letting it occur in the first place. Not only that, we ourselves work on doing that. We strategize carefully, by mapping out the premises of the business, and deciding where to place which type of guard. Then we also make sure to include additional security equipment like warning signs, cameras, and patrol vehicles. When it comes to security we want our clients to be prepared. We take 100% responsibility, and we make sure to deliver in the same capacity.

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Peace of Mind

Security breaches can be extremely daunting for business owners. It not only endangers the livelihoods of the employees but also puts the entrepreneurs at the risk of losing assets, customers, and profits. However, with tight security, from security services like ours you can sleep easy at night knowing we are making sure that not even a feather can harm your business. This is why we have strategized our training so carefully so our security guards do not let even a smidgen of threatening tumble your years of hard work. We understand the amount of trust you are putting in us, and we take that fact extremely seriously.


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Why Choose Our Security Guard Services San Diego?

A private security guard might seem like a cheaper option, however, that is far from the truth. This is especially important to consider when you are hiring an armed security guard. You will have to make sure that they have ease in handling a firearm, and know how to use it without really hurting any innocent person in the process. You will HAVE to put them through extensive training which will take up a lot of your time and energy. Usually, you need more than one security guard, so that you can cover different points of the premises, which will again take a lot of time and energy when training is involved.